30 June

1-23 July

Chapel Hill School of Art
Macroom, P12E020
Co. Cork

Opening Hours
Thu-Sun 11am-5pm


Of Light

The f.Project: Artem Trofimenko, Bríanna Ní Léannacháin, Chris Hurley, Dori O’Connell, Éanna Heavey, Evgeniya Martirosyan, Orla O Byrne, and Sophia Santabarbara

Following on from the success of last year’s exhibition at Chapel Hill, this historic building will once again play host to an array of work by the artists collectively known as f.Project.

f.Project originally came together in 2017 – first at Crawford College of Art & Design and later at Cork Film Centre. Drawn together over a shared enthusiasm for analogue photography, these artists’ diverse practices include other modes of expression and presentation such as performance, projection and video, as well as film photography.

Occurring in high summer when natural light is at its most abundant, this exhibition, Of Light, emphasises the various ways in which we, as artists and photographers, work with light. Visitors will be invited to think about their perception of light, not only in art and photography but in their own everyday lives.

[Image: Sophia Santabarbara]

f.Project is a group of artists whose practices include analogue photography. The group originally came together through a series of meetings in 2017 – initially at Crawford College of Art & Design and later at Cork Film Centre. We embrace all analogue photographic processes from the traditional to the experimental. We allow ourselves to expand into other forms of art production such as video, performance, drawing and embroidery, as our interests dictate.

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