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Hugh Gallagher, Joe McAllister, Brendan McKeever, Willie Curran and Phil Cunningham

ImageDerry showcases the rich tapestry that celebrates the power of photography to capture the heart and soul of a place and its people. Through their lens, these six talented Derry photographers embark on a visual exploration, sharing thought-provoking images that embody the spirit of their beloved home town. Witness the convergence of everyday life with extraordinary moments frozen in time and immerse yourself in the diverse narratives captured by these accomplished artists as they unveil the essence of Derry’s streets, from its historic landmarks to its bustling neighbourhoods, and reveal its proud people, protesting wrongs and celebrating life in equal measure.

Guildhall Press are Ireland’s leading independent publishing house with over 40 years of experience in producing accessible content on Derry’s social, political, economic and historical back story. This rich vein of information is made available across a range of publications which are widely used throughout the educational and tourism sectors to enable the local population to learn more about their city and facilitate interested visitors discover its place in time and history. They also promote the best in literary and fiction output from authors wishing to express their creativity and seeking recognition for their work on the global stage.

Brendan is a Derry photographer and former chair of the Family Information Group which dealt with issues around disability. He published several important support publications for the Group which helped change central government policy and authored If Streets Could Speak and User Involvement: More Than Words with Guildhall Press.

Hugh is an established and well-respected Derry photojournalist whose images and short stories have been published widely in the print media across Ireland over many years. He is also the author of two acclaimed publications with Guildhall Press – A View of Derry and A Foyle Tale – The Toucan Venturer in Derry.

Joe is an experienced graphic and web designer with over 30 years experience in the creative arts and photography. His images have illustrated numerous publications by Guildhall Press and contributed to countless other literary outputs.

Phil is an avid photographic enthusiast who produced four collections of bestselling memoirs with Guildhall Press charting his life and that of his family, neighbours and friends as he grew up in the city – including Derry Down The Days and Reflections of Derry – alongside an award-winning short story collection, The Island Man.

Raymond is a keen photographer, Chair of Guildhall Press and currently a counsellor with NW Counselling working with adults to effect positive life changes. He also wrote and produced a documentary film entitled The Saint and the Soldier, a profile of Saint Colmcille and Sir Henry Docwra, and two YouTube shorts on Derry’s Walls and Free Derry Corner.

Willie was a lifelong photographer, local legend and curator of Derry’s social, political and physical development since his first snaps were taken with a box camera in the 1960s. A very popular selection of his favourite imagery capturing a city and its people in change was published in My Derry – The Willie Curran Collection by Guildhall Press.

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