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Tint of Trauma

Ala Buisir

Rua Red studio artist Ala Buisir explores previously untold narratives of Muslim women affected by the War on Terror. In her photographic series Tint of Trauma, Buisir captures the isolation and fear felt by women whose lives have been forever altered by the campaign.

Buisir utilises a camera obscura to produce a dream-like, soft focus, that evokes an otherworldly sense of mystery and fragmented memories while simultaneously serving to preserve the anonymity of her subjects. The images are accompanied by testimonials from the women themselves providing a candid insight into their lived reality.

The inspiration mainly came from my mother, whose life changed after 9/11. Through all these trials and tribulations, my family found an anchor we could always depend on, my mother. She evolved from being a quiet, fragile woman to a strong woman that fought back for her family and to be the source of peace and stability in their lives. This strong figure in my life has inspired me to project the voices of the women affected by the War on Terror.” – Ala Buisir

Ala Buisir is an award-winning visual artist & journalist. Born in Ireland with Libyan roots, she is currently undertaking a PhD by practice at the University of Limerick, in which she investigates the ‘othering’ of Muslim women in the Western world by societal Islamaphobia and Western tropes of Islam.

Ala’s work documents the social and political tension around us today. The aim is to raise awareness by presenting events through different perspectives in hopes that it may also bring about change.

She is co-founder of Gorm Media. An impact-focused digital media start-up with a mission of unifying across differences and advancing belonging for marginalised communities. Ala is a board member of the Amal Women’s Association. A Muslim women-led organisation. It provides front-line services to Muslim women connected to the Muslim community nationwide.

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