10am-6pm Sat 12 August
9am-5pm Sun 13 August

Trinity College Dublin
O’Reilly Institute


HOW IT’S MADE: Meitheal

Antonio D’Souza, Bernadette Hopkins, Darren Rogers, Ida Mitrani, Gordon Farrell, Judy Caroll Deely, Leia Mocan, Maya Brezing, Murielle Celis, Noelle Gallagher, Shane Finan, Shane Hoey, Thomas Brezing

Focusing on production aspects that have an impact on the environment and biodiversity, HOW IT’S MADE will invite scientists and local and national artists for a symposium at Trinity College in Dublin on the 12th August and at the Warehouse in Balbriggan on the 13th August.

Artists paired with engineering/manufacturing experts in North County Dublin. Each artist learns how one of everyday objects is made: a t-shirt, a hamburger, a mobile phone, a car, or Lego blocks. The artist then creates an artful manifestation of the manufacturing process.

An advantage of the Meitheal Symposium is that established artists often work with emerging artists, and national artists work with local artists. The model gives the artist the site, time, scientific and curatorial support to make new work, provides the opportunity to learn and hone skills, encourages peer critique and peer support and brings artists together which can be a welcome change from the isolation of working alone.

The festivalisation of the project through artist-led projects, installations and in person events will contribute to making Balbriggan a destination for arts. An experimental approach to locally activated installation projects and talks will intersect arts, culture, heritage, science, nature, sustainability and environment. It will take a people and place centred approach; rooted in high quality arts production in the post-industrial Balbriggan’s context.

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