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Bambis, Slugs, and Other Cosmonauts

Silvio Severino

Silvio Severino explore the possibilities of collage on his new show Bambis, Slugs and Other Cosmonauts. Using found photography , assembly images on both analogue and digital format to moment on the impact of social media , sexuality and consume society as also his love for music with a surreal sense of humour.

Silvio Severino AKA loop_conspiracy is a multimedia artist working with collage, analogue and digital, experimental filmmaking and illustration. He is an active member of the collage community and has exposed his work in festivals, collective and individual exhibitions around Europe. Silvio has created the poster and trailer for Indie Cork Film Festival and Pride Cork. His work has been published in blogs, magazines and books. On his artistic practice he likes to experiment with found photography , assemble images and print media in general. Originally from south Brazil, living now in Cork, Ireland.

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